Happy Friday to you, we finally made it.

Sometimes when I am charged with writing a good morning, I like to look back at other stuff that has happened on that day in history. Thursday when I did that, I found that June 16, 1858, was the day Abraham Lincoln said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand,” as he was accepting the Illinois Republican Party’s nomination for the Senate.

When I read that, I wondered what he thinks about the stuff going on in Washington these days. Considering he was assassinated, I am sure he would have a few thoughts about the shooting at the practice for the bipartisan baseball game.

I still can’t quite get it to all settle in my mind. It is sort of like Sept. 11 and the Allfred P. Murrah Federal Building and yet it isn’t. In the loss of life, it is a much less horrific thing. But in terms of shaking us to our core, it seems pretty close to the same. Is there anything more American than a bunch of politicians playing baseball to raise money for a good cause? If someone could attack them there, is there any place that is safe?

Do our political figures all need security in this day and age? I sure hope not. I can’t imagine what that would cost or what they would take money away from to pay for it. Note, please, I am not arguing that they shouldn’t get it, I just worry how we would find the money to pay for it.

Of course, once again, we saw that at the worst of times, Americans come together. I wonder if they will carry that idea of humanity back into the halls of government?

Interestingly enough, also on this day in 1935, the U.S. Congress accepted FDR’s “New Deal.” People have long argued whether the New Deal was a good thing or a bad thing, but it was instrumental in helping the U.S. pull out of the depression. I am not saying that we need a financial new deal right now, but I do think we need a reboot of respect and integrity in politics. We the people need to remember that ultimately the power for change resides with us, not the politicians. What will we do with it? I wish I could guess.

Happy birthday Friday to Maquesta Nelson and Charles Hunt, both of Sherman; Glen Culp of Southmayd; Darlene Howdeshell of Bonham; Albert Nabors and James Barnett, both of Denison; and James Kent of Savoy.