Apple has made some interesting announcements recently, and I think the company may make an announcement about a new iPhone this fall. I can’t think of much that I am looking as forward to this fall as I am to seeing that new phone.

I didn’t say that I plan to go out and buy one as I generally stay at least one generation behind in phones and sometimes as much as two.

I really just don’t know how I managed to get through most of my life without a cellphone and I never want to be without one ever again. I understand that they are intrusive and that people sometimes do very uncool and seriously silly things with them, but all of that is really our fault and not the fault of the phones.

It is our fault we go to visit aging relatives and instead of soaking in their wisdom and love, we pull out our phones and mindlessly check on what other people are doing. It is also our fault we take our kids to the park and instead of engaging with the children, we play with our phones.

But it is to the phone’s credit that we can have, in just one device, a phone, camera, tape recorder, calendar, weather report, an entire music collection, and, for some people, a movie collection, as well as a note-taking system.

I know I left a million things out of that. They can do just about anything we ask of them and the kicker is, they can do most of it by our simply asking them. Amazing.

Now, if only they could make those little darlings shut themselves off when we should have the sense to concentrate on the actual people in our lives or remind us not to compare our actual real lives with the carefully orchestrated and curated ones some people portray online, we might have perfected the cellphone. I am not sure those upgrades are coming in the iPhone 8, but I am just putting it out there. After all, we all know that once something goes on the web, it lives forever.

Happy birthday Wednesday to Heather Noelle Ecker Kelley and Blaine Tew, both of Denison; Niko Roberts, Art Laboon and Mely Sujatmiko, all of Sherman; Karen Niblet of Houston; Kenny Walton of Austin; Marilee Scroggs of Belleville, Illinois; and Eloise Munger of Kansas City, Kansas.

Happy anniversary Wednesday to Matthew and Stephanie Mutz of Sherman, 20 years.