Breaking news can throw our planned stories into limbo. Reporters are routinely expected to dive into completely foreign subject matter and produce 800-plus word stories for the next day’s paper with no advance warning.

So when we have the opportunity to dig deep into a story and thoroughly report all facets of the matter, it is important that we do it right. The story on the Texoma Council of Governments that leads today’s front page is one of those stories.

Herald Democrat reporter Alex Maxwell read more than 600 pages of legal depositions from at least seven parties involved in the case, in addition to numerous other reports, letters and emails.

And he’s been working on this story for more than a month to make sure it is reported correctly.

We ran the first part of the story in Friday’s edition and have another part planned for Tuesday’s paper. Our hope is that we present a fuller picture of the incident that occurred, the actions that led to the firing of former TCOG Finance Director Stacee Sloan Caskey and the matters that went into TCOG’s settlement of the lawsuit she filed.

TCOG’s governing board is set to decide the future of Executive Director Susan Thomas’s job during its meeting Thursday. We’re not trying to influence the decisions of the elected officials and community representatives who make up that board, but are just trying to help those they represent — the public — be more informed.

Happy birthday Sunday to Naylan Tew of Denison; Jerry Stephens of Howe; and Ernie Delagarza of Brea, California.

Happy anniversary Sunday to Art and Elaine Olson of Sherman, 57 years; Linda and Rene’ Parenteau of Denison, 50 years; and Phillip and Sydney McDaniel of Collinsville, 1 year.

Happy birthday Monday to Charlotte Mack of Sherman; and Lois Caudill of Denison.