Editor’s note: The author is TCOG’s energy services program manager.

I am outraged by the behavior of County Judge Bill Magers and Commissioner Jeff Whitmire at commissioners’ court meeting, April 25, calling for the resignation of TCOG’s Executive Director, Dr. Susan Thomas.

TCOG and Dr. Thomas recently settled a lawsuit filed by a former employee. The settlement includes non-disparagement clauses which means that neither party can speak publicly about the details of the lawsuit. In short, Dr. Thomas cannot defend herself against public comments made by Bill Magers, Jeff Whitmire and other public officials.

As with any lawsuit and news story there is the court of public opinion. And while we all have opinions, in my view it is wrong for elected officials to sway the conversation with bloviated statements and personal attacks against executive leadership of any organization.

A decision concerning Dr. Thomas’ contract is imminent and one that will be decided by TCOG’s governing board in fewer than 60 days. Mr. Magers’ comments are reckless, rise to the level of board intimidation and are beneath the dignity of the office of county judge.

Judy Fullylove