While I know I should not, I eat sweets twice a day.

For my second sweet treat of the day, I like to have a cup of ice cream mixed with a little milk. I take that right before bed. For my first sweet treat of the day, I like a warm cookie or brownie. I take that right when I get off work.

Specifically, I like molten cake brownies and chocolate chip cookies from McDonald’s. However, I am not too picky when it comes to warm chocolate.

Lately, I have been trying to cut back on my sugar intake, so I have been looking for an alternative to baking a pan of brownies and then taking a week to eat them all. Duncan Hines must have been on the same thought pattern as me because soon after I decided to change my diet, I began seeing commercials for Duncan Hines’ “Perfect for One.”

“Perfect for One” makes the perfect portion brownie or muffin for one person. You put three tablespoons of water into a microwave safe coffee mug. Then you add the “Perfect for One” package of mix to the water. Stir until smooth and then put the cup in the microwave. After heating for about two minutes, the baked good is ready.

After seeing the commercial for the first time, I thought, “Well, isn’t that just ingenious.”

So the next day, I went to Kroger’s excited about my new treats. After searching for what felt like 20 minutes, I accepted that they did not have them. The next day, I went to Walmart in Sherman. They did not have them either, and I was so sad, I looked them up on the Duncan Hines website. They gave me two options. I could order them from the site or I could travel south into the Plano and Frisco areas to find a Walmart that sells them.

Then, last week I went to Walmart to do some grocery shopping. I was not looking for anything in particular, but I was shopping while hungry so I was picking up a little bit of everything. After passing the same display three times, I finally looked at the red boxes filling the space next to the aisle. It was the Duncan Hines “Perfect for One” desserts.

I bought one in every flavor they offered. I took them home and tried it. My new “Perfect for One” diet was the best decision I have made thus far in May.

Happy birthday Saturday to Barbara Marr of Pottsboro; Douglas John of Sherman; and Bill Black of Myra.