Election Day has come again and there are a host of people and items on the ballot that could have a major impact on the lives of people in Texoma.

In each of the past few elections we’ve covered here at the paper, I’ve been bowled over by the number of people who take advantage of early voting hours. I’ve never cast an early vote, but I certainly see the appeal of it. However, I really like the tradition of heading out to the poll on Election Day and doing my civic duty.

Since this isn’t a presidential election year, I suspect the turnout for Saturday’s election probably won’t be quite as large as the area saw in November, but with school board seats, local option elections and a couple of multimillion dollar bonds on the ballots, I’m betting there will be plenty of people weighing in.

For those who haven’t voted yet, we’re running a list of polling places in today’s paper and the weather forecast says it’s going to be a great day to get out of the house. That means people can’t use foul weather as an excuse for missing an opportunity to let their votes count.

There has been a lot said and written over the years about why it is important to vote, and I think they are all valid. I’m also always reminded that not everyone can physically get out to cast a vote, so I think it’s my duty as someone who can to make sure I do.

And that’s something I’ve really been impressed with from the different candidates and school districts with items on the ballots — there’s been a real consensus that everyone should get out and vote, no matter what their stance on things is.

Another reason I love to exercise my right to vote is I can still remember the frustration of being a teenager and not feeling like my voice counted.

But my favorite reason for voting has to be the old saying that one can’t complain about an election if one didn’t exercise his or her right to vote. That why I do my absolute best to always vote. I might not always complain, but I like to have the option.

Happy birthday Saturday to John Doggins, Karren Curry, and Robert Lewis, all of Sherman; Horace Groff and Sonia Heironimus, both of Denison; Tommy Goode of Gainesville; Ken Bagwell of Whitesboro; Xavier Williams of Durant; and and Josephine Thomas of Fort Worth.