As I wrote in this column earlier this week, I have always been fascinated with history, and local history is no exception. While I may not be from Denison or Texoma, I’ve had the opportunity to follow my roots since I moved here a few years ago. I’ve always known about some of my connections to the area, however, others seem to be springing up the more I look.

In recent years my father has been interested in our own family history and has worked to trace back the family line through my grandparents’ lines. This includes connections back to Grayson County and Texoma.

My grandfather previously worked at Perrin Air Force back in the 1960s. As far as I knew growing up, that was my only connection back to Texoma.

Early on in my job, I would often get asked if I was related to the owners of a well-known business in Sherman. When I asked my dad about this he responded with a nebulous, “I don’t know,” hinting that there very well may be a connection there.

In 2014, I found another connection through several family members from my grandmother’s line that still live in the area. I met several family members I never knew a few years ago when they held a small family reunion in Denison.

Last weekend, I got the chance to cover Denison’s Doc Holliday: Saints and Sinners Festival. Shortly after writing the article on it, I got a message from my father about another great-great-great-grandfather, Lewis Hutchins, who lived in the area.

“(He) might have run across Doc,” my father said, mostly joking.

While I seriously doubt it, as my ancestor was a farmer and not a notorious gambler, it’s still fun to speculate on what might have been.

Happy birthday Friday to Kiki Toney, Bob Boland, Devo Kemp and Mary Travis, all of Sherman; and Wanda Ward of Denison.