I hope that the good citizens of Sherman will vote YES for the bond. Unfortunately, there seems to be a lot of anti-bond ads and letters in the paper apparently by people with high dollar businesses who own expensive homes or multiple properties. A close friend found that at least one person who is leading the NO vote owns or partly owns 38 pieces of property in Sherman with a child attending private school. It is a shame that people with this kind of money will not support new facilities for Sherman kids.

Sherman High was built for 1,400 students but now houses over 1,800. I began teaching at Sherman HS in 1972, the year after it was built. It was very nice with plenty of room. It is no longer that way. Piner Middle School is crowded and a new high school would provide expansion room for both.

One special facet of the new school plan is the proposed safe area for the students. With the number of tornadoes that occur in this area and in light of what just happened in Canton, this is a much-needed provision.

Finally, the estimate that a $100,000 property would result in a $230 tax increase equates to less than $20 per month, and older people with homesteaded property should see little to no increase.

Again, please consider voting YES for new school facilities. And to reassure you, my wife and I have absolutely no vested interest in the bond other than what is good for Sherman young people.

Larry Howeth