For the longest time, I would always confuse QuikTrip and RaceTrac gas stations and could never remember which one I liked better. Then I lived near a RaceTrac and became a devoted fan.

It had all the gas and convenience store items I had come to expect, but what really stood out for me was it also offered frozen yogurt. Being just around the corner from our house, that was beyond convenient and my wife and I became regular visitors for an evening sweet treat.

But then we moved and were closer to a QuikTrip, so now I’m a devoted fan of its establishments, which is why I was thrilled to see QuikTrip was looking to add a new store in Sherman.

Obviously my loyalties are easily obtained by whomever is most convenient for me, but it definitely sounds like the planned QuikTrip to be located at the southwest corner of U.S. Highway 75 and FM 691 will be a great addition to the north side of Sherman.

It seemed like there might have been some confusion with the plans when the developers pulled their zoning request from the Planning & Zoning Commission agenda in February, but a QuikTrip representative assured me the company was still moving forward with its plans for a Sherman location. And then at Tuesday’s P&Z meeting, a different QuikTrip representative implied the company’s first location in Sherman could lead to another sometime down the line.

I’m excited to see just how much development the QuikTrip and a planned Legend Bank at that same corner lead to on the north side of Sherman, as I am to see everything happening on the other side of FM 691 in south Denison.

Happy birthday Thursday to Oleta Hodge of Sherman; and Othello Butler of Denison.