There’s something almost magical about walking through a market.

I’m not talking about a big box grocery store, or even a flea market, but an open-air marketplace where local produce is neatly stacked on carts, freshly caught fish rest in ice behind glass, recently butchered meats are freshly sliced and chilled, and the aromas of savory street food waft through the air.

These marketplaces are often a maze of booths and carts crammed into a square or a city block or two. Sometimes there are coffee and spices sitting loose in open barrels recently shipped in bulk from exotic locales, and sometimes there are items I have never seen before and can’t even begin to pronounce. There’s no telling what one may find.

I have yet to experience markets of this caliber in Texas, but I’ve meandered through plenty while on European travels. While markets like these are commonplace in much of the world, the most comparable experience to be found locally is a farmers market.

While smaller in scale and variety, the farmers markets in Sherman and Denison offer a similar experience. These local markets, both of which are open from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday, give Grayson County residents a taste of what it’s like to peruse booths of locally sourced produce and commodities.

I wrote a news story about the markets opening and in doing so I talked with the people who manage these weekly events. And it’s striking to see how passionate they are about bringing farmers and residents together for the benefit of both.

These individuals believe in buying fresh local items so much that they have dedicated much time and effort to make it an option for others. They expect to have vendors selling honey, baked goods, seasonal fruits and vegetables and much more.

Another thing these organizers stressed was the opportunity farmers markets provide for people to meet the people who grow their food and develop a relationship with those individuals. It also provides a learning opportunity to see what grows locally and when.

The Downtown Denison Farmers Market will be open Saturdays and Wednesdays in the 700 block of West Main Street. The Sherman Farmers Market will be in a parking lot at the corner of Crockett Street and Houston Street in the morning and from 1-4 p.m. at 903 Brewers on Saturday.

Happy birthday Saturday to Patricia Brown, Linda Canady, Mike Kirkpatrick, Nathan Baze, Kieraney Rutherford, Sam Morales and Earl Myatt, all of Sherman; Leroy Morris of Sherwood Shores; and Franklin Farmer of Baytown.

Happy anniversary Saturday to Dena and Leroy Morris of Sherwood Shores, 63 years.