Anguish beyond imagination; / A speared side, and a thistle crown / Mockery and taunting, and boots on the ground!

Criminal on either side; / But with freedom to choose. / One chose salvation, / The other would lose.

He had done nothing wrong, / He was the King of the Jews, / This phase was soon over, / He would tell “The Good News.”

The cup did not pass; / God’s will would be done, / The midday darkness / Blocked the rays of the sun.

They challenged His authority, / Gave Him vinegar to drink, / His response to the evil, / Caused the centurion to think.

“A place of the skull,” / As the hill came to be known; / A tomb would not hold Him / As was soon to be shown.

When we accept Him as Saviour, / Our true life begins; / He had paid the debt / For all of our sins!

Jack Noble