As I woke up for the first day of my weekend and sipped on my morning cup of coffee, which some of you may remember I said I would never drink, I couldn’t help but notice that my apartment was in need of a deep cleaning.

Living in a one-bedroom apartment, my place has a tendency to get messy rather quickly. I consider myself a pretty tidy person, and I do the necessary daily and weekly chores, but it’s still a struggle. I’m extremely lucky that my long-time girlfriend is willing to help me out with all of it and especially so with the laundry, which I avoid like the Plague. Together we make a pretty great team, but every year, all the dust and dirt reaches a point where I just can’t put up with it any more.

When it comes to keeping things clean, my biggest nemesis is also my best friend. My dog Bentley has a beautiful, brindled coat, but it comes at a cost: he sheds like crazy. I’ve got a high-powered vacuum cleaner that does a great job of clearing my floors, but it isn’t long before I see dog hair creeping out of my carpet once again. Regularly brushing your pet outside is a great way to keep the fur from taking over, but it always feels like I’m losing the war. And despite my best efforts with the lint roller, a few stray strands always seem to cling to my clothes. Dog hair is my fashion accessory and, in my case, it just will not go out of style.

My apartment is situated rather nicely on the second floor and it backs up to a wooded area with a creek. It’s great this time of year, as I can hear the birds sing and watch the trees grow greener and greener each day, but it also presents some challenges. My windows and patio furniture get coated with a nice film of green pollen and the light next to my front door looks like a packed night club for creepy crawlers. I enjoy my time outside, so I’ve got quite a lot do to make that area of my apartment more comfortable.

I haven’t mustered up the strength to embark on my spring cleaning just yet, but the time to do so is upon me. It’s a lot of work, so to all those brave souls, armed with brooms, dusters and more, I wish you the best. Keep up the good fight.

Happy birthday Tuesday to Breeanna Kay Murphy, De Sisemore and Mary Overturf, all of Sherman; Brad Sisemore of Pottsboro; Bill Chudyk of Norman, Oklahoma; and Darrion Brownlow of New Braunsfels.