It’s been a while since I was last in an art studio, but for a number of years, creating art, or at least attempting to, was a daily part of my life.

I entered college with the goal of obtaining a photography degree. Logic told me that I’d be working in the dark room, handling film, making prints and framing photos. I did all of that, but I also found myself working with a lot more artistic mediums than I planned.

To get a solid educational foundation, my university placed me in all types of art courses. I took sculpture, 2-D design, fibers, drawing, digital design, painting, printing, photo and more. Most classes were at least three hours long and met multiple times throughout the week, so the art studio soon became my second home.

I stuck with the art degree for roughly three years before I jumped ship for journalism. Those memories came back to me recently after I stopped by Painting with a Twist in Sherman. I was there to cover a story on a painting class and the early decoration and celebration for Christmas, but I found it difficult to focus on anything but my memories of the studio and my past projects.

Some of my pieces were successful and others, I will admit, were not. Nothing I made would ever make it to the Metropolitan or the Guggenheim, but that didn’t matter. Art was an outlet. It allowed me to visualize my thoughts, feelings and ideas. It was alchemy, construction, creation and catharsis.

It’s been a few years since I’ve opened up my box of art supplies and tools. I had honestly forgotten what fun it could be to start from scratch and to make something with my hands. Perhaps it’s time I give it another go.

Happy birthday Thursday to Rosemary Capps and Robbie Blystone, both of Sherman; Larry Ertel of Euless; and Diane Smith of Abilene.