Sherman is opposing a proposal by the Oncor Electric Delivery Co. to raise rates in the city.

The Sherman City Council recently approved a resolution denying the filing by Oncor of an application to increase its distribution rates within the city, which would bring a 0.6 percent — or 28 cents per month — increase in distribution charges.

“This is a resolution we see, I think, at least annually from our Oncor steering committee,” City Attorney Brandon Shelby said of the Steering Committee of Cities Served by Oncor. “Legal counsel has advised us to deny Oncor’s petition for a rate increase, and we’re following that advice.”

Oncor filed an application for approval of a distribution cost recovery factor in early April that seeks an increase in distribution revenues of $19,002,177. A document created for the council states it was the first time Oncor has filed under a 2011 law that allows electric utilities to file “limited issue, limited review” rate cases.

The Oncor steering committee, which includes Sherman and Denison among others, will hire a consultant to review Oncor’s filing and identify adjustments that should be made.

The Public Utility Commission of Texas gives cities 60 days to act on applications such as the one filed by Oncor. Sherman’s reasonable expenses from the rate case will be reimbursed by Oncor.

The council approved the resolution unanimously, though council member Jason Sofey was absent from the meeting. Denison has not taken any action on the matter so far, however the Denison City Council did approve a resolution to remain as a member city of the steering committee in early April.