Grayson County First Assistant District Attorney Kerye Ashmore said he doesn’t want to be the elected district attorney in Grayson County and went so far as to withdraw his name from consideration for the interim district attorney position Tuesday.

Ashmore, who celebrated his birthday Tuesday, said he will be happy to continue to run the Grayson County District Attorney’s Office until precinct chairs pick someone to be on the November ballot. That decision is expected to be made after the local runoff election in May. However, Ashmore said, he doesn’t want to be the person assigned to run the office until November. He said he has no reason to think that Brett Smith won’t be selected to represent the local Republican Party on the ballot and if that is the case, Smith should be the interim district attorney.

Smith once faced competition for the Republican nomination for the November ballot in his fellow prosecutor Britton Brooks. However, late last month, Smith and Brooks announced that they had reached a compromise. In accordance with that deal, Brooks encouraged party chairs to vote for Smith and withdrew from the race.

“Kerye, Brett, and I have worked together for many years and have a longstanding mutual respect for one another,” Brooks said in the release announcing the agreement. “Our decision to continue prosecuting as a team will benefit our office and the Grayson County Republican Party. I am very excited for our future.”

In that same press release, Smith announced he was withdrawing his application to be named the interim district attorney.

An interim district attorney was needed when Grayson County District Attorney Joe Brown accepted a nomination to the position of U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Texas in the middle of his term of office. Brown’s term as Grayson County District Attorney didn’t end until 2020. When Brown was first nominated and Smith and Brooks announced they were each running for the spot, most thought Brown would be confirmed before the deadline for Brooks and Smith to get on the primary ballot. That did not happen. Brown was not confirmed until February. Then it came down to the precinct chairs to pick the person to put on the ballot.

In addition to Smith on the Republican side, Democrat Pam McGraw has announced her intention to run for the position in the general election.