Grayson County Commissioners started the new year off with a short session in which they approved some year-long contracts and an interlocal agreement that could mean big gains for Grayson County.

Lt. Sarah Bigham said the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office has worked out an agreement with the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office that allows Grayson County to keep 75 percent of anything seized during the investigation of a drug-related crime that is started in Grayson County and completed in Dallas County. She said there are a lot of times that county investigators start looking into a drug related incident in Grayson County and end up following leads that result in an arrest and seizures in Dallas County.

The commissioners said they thought it was great that Grayson County could work out a deal to get such a high percentage of the seizures from such incidents.

In addition, commissioners accepted insurance settlements on two vehicles. One wreck, Grayson County Auditor Richey Rivers said, was determined to be the county’s fault and one was not. Grayson County Commissioner Jeff Whitmire said the wreck that was determined not to be the county’s fault was one in which he was involved and someone struck his truck from behind. The second vehicle belonged to the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office. The settlements totaled over $6,000.

Commissioners also approved renewal of the county’s contract with James Thorpe for aggregate hauling for road materials. The new contract, Grayson County Purchasing Agent Jeff Schneider said, was for the same price as last year.

County leaders also authorized the solicitation of bids for the delivery and installation of two electronics shelters at the North Texas Regional Airport — Perrin Field. Grayson County Judge Bill Magers said the buildings currently being used to house the electronics used in airplane take offs are from the era of the other buildings at the airport and are falling down.

Commissioners recessed their meeting Tuesday without taking any action on a request to authorize the execution of an agreement with J.P. Hart Lumber Co. LLC for the abatement of ad valorem property taxes for improvements within Industrial Reinvestment Zone No. 122019-01 in the city of Sherman.

Magers said commissioners will take further action on that matter when they meet again at 10 a.m. on Wednesday after Sherman’s City Council meeting Tuesday night and its approval of the Hart Lumber tax abatement. Hart Lumber is expected to invest $8 million in its new Sherman facility and provide 37 new jobs by 2019.