Sherman Police arrested a woman for robbery on Sunday after she allegedly stole several items from a grocery store and fought with an employee who attempted to stop her.

Sgt. D.M. Hampton said the woman left the Albertsons on Taylor Street without paying for four Dallas Cowboys football jerseys and a six pack of beer. Hampton said an employee grew suspicious of the woman when she stated that she needed to go to the bathroom before paying for the items in her cart.

“When she came back from the bathroom, she started stuffing all those items into a black bag that she had,” Hampton said. “The employee followed her out past all those points of sale and confronted her to get the property back. They had a little tug of war back and forth and the strap on the bag actually burned and caused pain to the employee.”

The woman fled into a wooded area but was ultimately apprehended by responding officers. Hampton said he did not know whether the items the woman allegedly stole had anything to do with the Cowboys’ Sunday game against the rival Washington Redskins.