A Denison homeowner watched an unusual scene unfold outside his window last week when a man attempted to steal some batteries from his storage shed and then fell into a koi pond during his escape.

The Denison Police Department reported that the attempted burglary occurred last Friday morning at a home in the 1300 block of Lafayette Drive. Lt. Mike Eppler said the unidentified suspect, described only as a white male, took some rechargeable batteries from the shed and was on his way off the property when he lost his footing and took an unexpected swim.

“They were batteries that would be used for some type of cordless electric tool,” Eppler said. “But he did drop them and we were able to get those back.”

Eppler said the suspect remains at large. And even though he left only with wet shoes, Eppler said the department could still bring charges against the man.

“He could have burglary of a building (charge) filed against him,” Eppler said of the suspect. “That would be the main charge.”

It was unclear whether any fish were injured in the incident.