In addition to appointing a representative to the Grayson Central Appraisal District Tuesday, the Grayson County Commissioners Court also took care of a host of smaller items.

First up was a request from the Sherman Tourism Department to use the courthouse grounds for the city’s annual Snowflake Festival on Dec. 2. That was approved by the commissioners, as was a request from Old Iron Post to host Christmas Thunder on the courthouse steps on Dec. 10.

Commissioners also approved an amended 2018 Salary Order which Grayson County Human Resources Director Kelly Beall said was needed due to a computer error that zeroed out some of the salaries on a previously approved list. Beall said there was no change to the overall amount the county will pay in salaries in the current budget year.

County leaders also approved the 2016 Annual Report from Grayson County Tax Assessor Collector Bruce Stidham, who said his office has now collected 98.5 percent of the 2016 property taxes owed to the county.

Commissioners then approved a replat of the Edith Hughs Addition, which County Engineer Clay Barnett said is 10 acres in the northwest corner of Hagerman Road and Terry Lane. The replat was approved once before by the commissioners back in May, but Barnett said some of the lot lines from that version were “cattywampused” and the property owners wanted them straightened out.

Next, commissioners approved a bid proposal for property located on Nelson Street in Denison that was unsold at the April 4 Sheriff Property Sale. The struck off price on the property was $833 and Dallas White Hayden of Plano offered a bid of $870 for the property.

County leaders also approved an interlocal agreement with the city of Howe for work on Quinlan Street.

Lastly, as part of the commissioner’s comments part of the meeting, Commissioner Bart Lawrence noted that Tuesday marked two years and one day since he was involved in a vehicle wreck that almost claimed his life. The crash happened on State Highway 289 near Plainview Road. Shawn Velie, 41, of Sherman was the other driver involved in the wreck and died.

State Trooper Mark Tackett said, in an article from the time of the incident, Velie was traveling at a high speed when he collided head-on with Lawrence.

In court on Tuesday, Lawrence said the wreck changed him and the way he sees things. He said he so appreciates the people who prayed for him and sent him good wishes during his recovery, as well as those who have continued to ask about him in the months since the wreck.

Commissioner David Whitock told those present that his daughter Saddie had gotten married over the weekend and his grandson, who is 7, won a roping contest that pitted him against much older contestants. Whitlock told those in the courtroom Tuesday that there is no doubt that his life is a good one.