Sherman residents with no place to throw out items like paints, pesticides and old televisions will soon have the opportunity to dispose of those things safely.

The Sherman City Council recently approved an interlocal agreement with the city of Fort Worth for the collection of household hazardous waste next year.

“This is an interlocal agreement that we’ve carried on since 2006 with the city of Fort Worth,” Assistant City Manager Steve Ayers said. “We set a date annually, typically in the first week of May, which we invite city residents to bring things like televisions, computers, batteries, paints, pesticides — those types of items.”

The event is usually held on a Saturday outside of City Hall and is free to city residents. Ayers said Shermanites will just need to show their water bill to drop off items for disposal at no cost. In a document prepared for the council, city staff noted the cost to the city is $50 per participating household.

Before the agreement was approved, council member Pam Howeth asked whether the city had considered holding the event twice a year.

“I’m not sure that everybody stockpiles this stuff up and therefore it does end up in the regular trash and landfill,” Howeth said. “Does it seem like there wouldn’t be enough use to do it twice a year?”

Ayers said the event could be held twice a year, if it was evident that was needed.

“I don’t think the cost is preventative in that really we’ll spend maybe $1,500 to $2,000 for disposal from the participation we’re seeing,” Ayers said. “Now I would say, from the first week of May, usually it’s not an overwhelming amount. There’s really maybe 20 to 30 households that participate. So right now, going by that, there’s not huge demand for it.”

Howeth said she’s looking forward to the event, as she’s been stockpiling items that need to be disposed of properly.

“I figured I was not the only one, so that’s why I was wondering if there were other households that might use this if we did it more than once a year,” Howeth said. “But if you have not seen (that), then I’ll hold onto mine.”

As the household hazardous waste can’t be disposed of with regular trash, the event is designed to help combat illegal dumping in the city. Ayers said the event in May will also allow residents to dispose of electronic waste.

“Now this also allows people to bring electronic disposal also, which there’s a business in Bonham that does that for free,” he said. “That’s no cost for us or residents.”

Howeth asked whether the Sherman Police Department would be collecting unused medications during the event, but Ayers explained that is usually incorporated with the city’s Earth Day celebration, which generally takes place before the household hazardous waste collection.

“So if there’s any citizens who want it (household hazardous waste collection) more than once (a year), then let us know,” Howeth said after the agreement was approved unanimously by the council.