A pair of baby otters took a stroll down a Denison road last week. Klarissa Walker and Noe Ramos witnessed the animal’s traveling down Elm and Morton street, a story by the Houston Chronicle said.

The Denison couple were sitting on their front porch when they decided to follow the otters to a vacant house.

“We went up on the porch to look at them and they were all cuddled up together,” Walker told Chron.com. “When we got closer they ran off the porch into the other neighbor’s backyard and were hiding under his back deck.”

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Walker and Ramos called animal control and the service that is known for picking up animals where they do not belong, was baffled as well, Chron.com said.

"Now the looks on these guys faces screamed that they thought we were crazy or on drugs but we direct them into another neighbors back yard that they ran into and found them under the guys back deck, they caught one, but when they went back to get the other one it had ran off, but sure enough they confirmed they were otters and were just as bewildered as we were!" Walker wrote on Facebook.

Animal control was able to catch one of the otters, but the other scurried away not to be seen by animal control or the Denison couple again. Chron.com said that the rescued otter was released at Lake Randell.