Grayson County Judge Bill Magers is recommending to the governor’s office that former Denison Mayor Robert Brady lead the Grayson County Regional Mobility Authority as its chairman. The move comes following former RMA Chairman Clyde Siebman’s appointment to the Red River Compact Commission in March.

As Siebman was appointed to chair the compact commission, which resolves disputes related to water resources on the Red River and Lake Texoma, he would be unable to chair both organizations. Siebman was appointed by Gov. Greg Abbott to chair the RMA board in Sept. 2015 following the resignation of longtime Chairman Bill Hubbard.

“It is an honor to serve,” Brady said, following an RMA meeting Thursday. “Of course, I am a Denison boy, but I am also a Grayson County resident.”

Brady served as the acting chairman during Thursday’s meeting where the board continued an ongoing discussion on adjusting lease rates and terms moving forward.

As Siebman was a special appointment by the governor outside of the legislative session, the Texas state Senate and House of Representatives would need to confirm him during the next session, which took place between January and May.

However, this never took place and a replacement has yet to be named by the legislature or the governor’s office, Siebman said Thursday. Siebman attributed the lack of a response to other issues that have taken priority within the past year.

“With the special session and the hurricane, I think they have delayed it, but I just expect it in due course,” he said.

Magers said Brady, a former mayor of Denison, was the natural choice to lead the RMA with his previous experience with the organization and the Sherman-Denison Metropolitan Planning Organization, which oversees many large-scale transportation projects throughout the region. This experience in working with governmental entities will be valuable during his tenure with the RMA, Magers added.

“He knows transportation, is well respected in the community and brings a good mix of business and civics to the board,” Magers said of Brady..

Following the appointment of Brady as the RMA chairman, Magers said Siebman will likely be reappointed as a regular member on the RMA board.