Beating on his girlfriend earned a Sherman man 35 years in prison Friday. Judge Brian Gary, of the 397th state District Court, sentenced Alaric Winfrey to prison on a charge of family violence with previous conviction. In July, a Grayson County jury found Winfrey, 55, guilty of the charge.


Winfrey had requested Gary to sentence him.


A statement from the Grayson County District Attorney’s Office said jurors heard evidence during Winfrey’s trial that on Nov. 6, Winfrey struck his live-in girlfriend in the head with a 25 ounce beer bottle during an argument while watching a football game on television.


Sherman Police officer Austin Ross responded to a home on East Odneal Street following a 911 call and found only the girlfriend, who had lacerations on her lips and nose, and two black eyes. Officers later attempted to interview Winfrey at the Grayson County Jail about the incident, but he refused to speak to them.


During the trial, Assistant District Attorney Bi Hunt also introduced evidence that Winfrey had previously been convicted in May of 2016 of assaulting the same girlfriend.


In the hearing before Gary to determine Winfrey’s punishment Friday, Hunt introduced evidence of four other occasions where Winfrey had assaulted the same girlfriend. In addition, the prosecution also introduced evidence that Winfrey had been sentenced to prison four times previously for felony offenses, including theft, forgery, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and robbery.


“This man had a long criminal history, and he abused this lady for several years,” Grayson County District Attorney Joe Brown said in the statement. “He had gone to jail for several assaults, but continued to beat her. She was not making good decisions by going back to him, obviously, but these are the kinds of situations that too often end up really badly. I am sure the judge recognized that. ”


Sherman attorney Rick Dunn represented Winfrey. Dunn could not immediately be reached for comment Friday afternoon.