The Grayson County Commissioners Court was told Tuesday of more than $125,000 that is being added to the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office coffers. The county is to receive the money from a grant, the sale of surplus pistols and from unused money from the Texoma Council of Governments.

Grayson County Sheriff Tom Watt told commissioners he was recently contacted by C.J. Durbin-Higgins from the TCOG’s 911 program about some money she was going to have left over in the organization’s last biennium. Watt said the money turned out to be around $108,830.

“It has to be used for law enforcement communications,” Watt said, explaining the sheriff’s office currently has 19 vehicle radios that the money will be used for and it will take all but around $300 of the money to get those radios up and going. “It will relieve some pressure off of the general fund budget.”

The commissioners then approved a bid of $13,925 from GT Distributing to purchase 58 pistols. Grayson County Purchasing Agent Jeff Schneider said that was the highest bid the county got on the guns and the county knows the company well because it purchases all of its guns and ammunition from GT Distributing.

“It is all part of the transition to Glocks?” Commissioner Jeff Whitmire said.

The sheriff said Whitmire was correct. County Judge Bill Magers then asked how much it will cost to purchase all of those new Glock pitols for the sheriff’s office and Watt said near as he could recall, it was somewhere around $37,000. Magers said getting $13,000 back on the old guns wasn’t half bad, though the county originally paid $59,000 for the guns.

GCSO Lt. Sarah Bigham also told commissioners about the 2017 Justice Assistance Grant. Bigham said the city of Sherman typically shares that grant with the county and the city of Denison. The sheriff’s office will receive $2,351 and the money will go to improve the medical kits that officers carry in their cars, as well as to provide kits for those who don’t have one.

All together, the commissioners approved more than $125,106 in funds for the sheriff’s office on Tuesday, with much of the money earmarked for specific purchases.

“Good job,” Magers said to the sheriff as several commissioners nodded their heads in agreement.