The Best Pawn Superstore on Texoma Parkway is planning an expansion.

The Sherman Planning & Zoning Commission recently approved a site plan for a metal storage building and an addition to offer lease spaces in the business’ existing building. The commission’s board of adjustments also granted exceptions to allow the storage building to be metal, the owners to put up a board-on-board fence and to not have a landscaped buffer strip on the right-of-way.

“That 4,000-square-foot building is going to match my current building and I’m going to basically attach it to that building,” owner Cliff Montgomery said. “So it’s all going to look like one big building. There won’t be a space in between my current building and my 4,000-square-foot building. And the exterior will match that brick or masonry that I’ve got. It’s going to meet the requirements.”

The storage building, which will be at the business’ location of 6400 Texoma Parkway, will be used as a warehouse with no retail element to it.

“The storage building is going to be behind my property and you’re not going to be able to see it from (FM) 691 at all and on Texoma Parkway because of the fence that I’m going to build,” Montgomery said. “And it’s going to be hidden also on Texoma Parkway by my existing building.”

Montgomery said the storage building will likely be 12 feet tall, while his current building is about 16 feet tall.

“The fence on the backside of the property right now is a chain link fence and in lieu of the masonry fence, which is very expensive, I want to put an eight foot board-on-board fence,” he said of the fence exception he was granted.

The final exception, doing away with the required landscaped buffer area, will allow Montgomery to extend the landscaped area he currently has.

“When I built my concrete parking lot a year and a half ago when I improved that corner, that requirement wasn’t in there, but I did put a three foot wide, basically landscaped, strip right there on (FM) 691 and that’s kind of what I’m wanting to do — extend that all the way down,” the Best Pawn owner said. “If I put a 10 foot extension or that 10 foot required, it’s going to take parking spots.”

Montgomery completed a renovation of his existing building last year. The planned addition of space to lease will face Texoma Parkway on an integrated wing wall on the southwest corner of the existing building. It will add two entrances for the pair of areas to be made available for leasing, each with its own awning.

“On the improvements I’m going to do to my old building, I’m going to raise the height of that building to match my new building that’s connected to it so you won’t be able to see it from Texoma Parkway,” Montgomery said to the commission.

The site plan and exceptions were approved unanimously by the commission and board of adjustments.