The Denison Police Department released surveillance footage of an armed robbery which took place at the Park and Beverage convenience store on Monday night.

The video was released on Tuesday and shows the male suspect, whom police have described as being in his 40s or 50s and having a slight Hispanic accent, pull up to the store in a silver Chevrolet Tahoe and enter with his face covered by a bandanna. Denison Police declined to describe the weapon used in the incident, citing conflicting descriptions given to investigators, but the video appears to show the man holding a power drill.

Lt. Mike Eppler said the suspect demanded money from the clerk and then told her to go into the bathroom. The footage appears to show the clerk handing the suspect money from the register. The suspect then drops the money on the floor, picks a portion of it up, exits the store and drives away in the SUV. Eppler said no one was injured in the robbery and the suspect made off with an undetermined amount of money

Denison Police encourage anyone with knowledge of the incident or the suspect’s identity to call the department at 903-465-2422.