Fire crews were called out to the Encino Apartments in Denison on Monday night after a resident cooking onion rings left her stove unattended and returned to find a grease fire had erupted.

Denison Fire Marshal John Weda said a Denison Police officer who lives at the apartments in the 1100 block of West Sears Street was actually the first to respond to the fire when it broke out at approximately 7:30 p.m.

“He actually grabbed two fire extinguishers and went up there and used them to get the fire pretty much out and under control by the time we got there,” Weda said. “Then we got there and opened up the ceiling to find we had some fire in the attic, but got that put out really quick.”

Weda said no one was injured in the fire and the only person displaced by the damage was the resident living in the apartment where the fire began.

The marshal encouraged anyone using a stove to be present when they are cooking and explained that grease fires can be particularly dangerous because they don’t respond to water in the way that many people might think.

“You don’t put water on a grease fire,” Weda said. “It all depends on the size of the fire when you discover it. If it’s manageable, first thing to do is turn the heat off and put a lid on top to smother it. And second is to use a fire extinguisher.”