The Sherman Police Department is asking for the public’s help in the identification of two suspects believed to have stolen items from Sherman Power Sports and another power sports retailer in Durant, Oklahoma, in July.

SPD released an email statement on the investigation Friday with links to security footage provided by Sherman Powersports and Jones Powersports. The videos were recorded on July 3 and show two people, whom the department described as adults between the ages of 30 and 50, breaking into the two stores and fleeing with merchandise in a Honda Pilot SUV.

“I think the door to (Sherman) Power Sports is actually glass, so I think they were able to smash that window and gain entry that way,” Sherman Sgt. D.M. Hampton said.

The department’s release detailed the items stolen from Sherman Power Sports as three helmets valued at $500, six riding jackets worth $900, two ATV winches valued at $600 and a sound bar for an ATV worth $700. Hampton said he did not know what merchandise was stolen from the Oklahoma business, nor did he know whether the suspects specifically targeted the items they took.

“As you can see, most of what they took were higher end items and fairly portable,” Hampton said.

The Sherman Police sergeant said it is possible that someone may have seen the stolen items for sale online and unknowingly purchased the stolen items from the suspects.

“A lot of times, I know that when people do this kind of thing, you’ll find those items maybe on Craig’s List or any host of social media or websites that you can trade or sell on,” Hampton said. “Somebody might recognize buying an item from an individual that maybe matched that description or had that car.”

Videos of the thefts can be found on the Sherman Powersports and Jones Powersports Facebook pages. Anyone with information regarding the suspects or the stolen merchandise is encouraged to call Detective Talia Riffe at 903-892-7341 or Sherman Dispatch at 903-892-7290. Anonymous tips may also be left on the city of Sherman’s website.