Read a transcript of the segments of the two documentaries with Bart Alsbrook.

Below is the transcript of the segment focusing on Bart Alsbrook from the 2003 documentary "Skinhead Attitude."

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Bart: Boy, I’ll tell you, today the skin head movement is so strong especially with the internet. I have conversations every day with people from England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Spain, Serbia, Italy — a lot of good guys in Italy — France, Belgium, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, in one day.

Blood and Honour best expresses what I believe and how I want to do things. You know, Combat 18 was in the early '90s. A lot of people were always talking, and the Combat 18 lads decided, hey instead of talking about it let’s go out and do it. The C, of course, stands for combat and the numbers — 18 is — the first letter of the alphabet 1 being A and the eighth letter of the alphabet being H. AH — which stands for Adolf Hitler, so when you draw it out its Combat Adolf Hitler, which is you know represents a fighting force combat in the name of national socialism and Adolf Hitler.

The way it was created however back then and the way it is now is different. It’s evolved. It’s under new management. And actually, it’s a now leaderless resistance, a lone-wolf resistance instead of having a covert secret group of people.

It’s a movement that started in England but it’s really grown. It’s in every country now. It’s in every country and we have a saying — C18 is basically the militant wing of Blood and Honour. And most Blood and Honour chapters or peoples have affiliations or dealings with C18 but it’s a very hush thing. You won’t get anyone saying oh he’s part of it or he’s part of it, you know.

In '88 is when I officially shaved my head and got my combat boots before we could get Doc Martens over here. Well, the reason I became a skinhead was I had originally been a member of the Republican Party and I always had what would be considered a right-wing point of view on politics and our social environment. And after I did some reading on National Socialism and started hanging out with other people, I joined up and started living the skinhead way of life.

Below is the transcript of the segment focusing on Bart Alsbrook from the 2005 documentary "White Terror."

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Passenger (Speaking in French): We’re approaching Denison, the area where Bart lives. Drive straight ahead and after the crossing, turn left.

Narrator: In this racist America, the Kriegberichter tape leads us to Blood and Honour’s U.S. leader. His name is Bart, and he distributes the video from Texas via the internet.

Passenger (Speaking French): It’s here, number 1112.

Narrator: When we arrived, he was transferring the old Kriegberichter videos to DVD. I knew Bart, I had already interviewed him in my last documentary, "Skinhead Attitude." He has since created a veritable online propaganda enterprise, distributing everything that is banned in Europe.

Bart: Well, I’ve sold over a thousand Kriegberichter 5’s, myself. And then I also resell. One of my customers is from Switzerland. Spain, they buy them in bulk. So, I’m shipping 50, 60 at a time. Which has now changed because now I sell them the master DVD and they make their copies from the master DVD and they just give me a one-time, upfront price.

Now it’s not my opinion, but yeah, the white race is being bred out. Other races have more children than the white race. It’s mathematical, I don’t have any really personal feeling about it. And I always tell people about my involvement in the movement, it’s all math to me.