(Editor's note: This article has been updated throughout.)

Sherman City Council Member Kevin Couch announced his candidacy as a Republican for State Representative of House District 62 on Wednesday.

The announcement was made in an emailed release. Couch is a first-term city council member, a Denison native and CEO of the CBC Creative marketing agency.

“I’ve been considering the bid to run for a few weeks now,” Couch said by telephone Wednesday.” And you know, after doing some exploratory things with our (campaign team) and after talking to the voters and the people of our community, it was just apparent that we need an outsider and a business leader and entrepreneur to shake things up in Austin, Texas.”

In the release, Couch said he intends to push for “lower taxes, securing the Texas border and a limited government.”

On the matter of lowering taxes, Couch said he has shown his commitment through his November 2016 efforts to scrap Sherman’s job tax, which he described as a $50 annual tax which applied to certain professions like general contracting. And on the state side, Couch said he intended to lower taxes through property tax reform.

Border security largely falls under the per view of the federal government, but Couch said he, as a state representative, would work to ensure safety by supporting Texas Department of Public Safety troopers stationed along the Texas-Mexico border.

“The reality out of this past legislative session is that 200 new state troopers were stationed at our border,” Couch said. “I will work tirelessly to secure our border with our state troopers, and bring more protection to Texas and our economic vitality.”

Couch’s desired House District 62 is currently occupied by longtime, incumbent Larry Phillips, also a Republican. A call placed to Phillips Wednesday afternoon wasn’t returned. It isn't if Phillips intends to run again in the next election.

Couch said he feels his city council experience has given him the confidence needed to be a state lawmaker and that he looks forward to the opportunity to continue his record as a conservative at the state level.

“The number one thing I want to get across to the voters in our district is that it is time to kick out the career politicians,” Couch said.