A report revealing connections between interim Colbert Police Chief and reserve officer Bart Alsbrook and several neo-Nazi websites have recently surfaced, garnering national attention. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, Alsbrook is working as the active Texas coordinator of Blood & Honour USA, a racist extremist movement founded in the U.K. in 1987.

The group reportedly emerged out of England’s skinhead music scene, led by musician Ian Stuart Donaldson. Donaldson rallied fellow racist music artists under the moniker “Blood & Honour,” so named for the popular Hitler Youth motto, and the movement began quickly gaining ground among radicals disgruntled by the nation’s contemporary far-right movements.

Infighting followed Donaldson’s death in 1993. The organization eventually split along brutal lines, leaving some continuing to make white power music while others pursued more violent means of propagation of their ideology. American factions of the Blood & Honour movement followed suit, dividing themselves between the white supremacist music enthusiasts of the Blood & Honour America Division and the militant skinheads of Blood & Honour USA.

Blood & Honour USA fortified its U.S. presence by forming an alliance with other radical racist groups under the name Council 28. This coalition held festivals and gatherings throughout the early 2000s but flew under the radar until June 2017, when members in Tennessee announced plans for reformation. They’ve since hosted meetings and demonstrations through which members have attempted to network and recruit.