Officials with the Bryan County Sheriff’s Office have confirmed an arrest in the shooting of a family pet in Calera, Oklahoma, Sunday afternoon. The incident, which involved a full-breed bullmastiff, occured on the gated porch of a home in the 100 block of Oakgrove Road.

Bryan County Sheriff’s Capt. Steve Nabors said a neighbor who lived near the property called police Sunday to report that she had shot and killed the dog on the porch of the home. Nabors said the woman claimed the dog had escaped and chased her son twice over the previous two days.

During the investigation, the suspect claimed the dog had also chased her son and bitten him once over the course of the past year, Nabors said. However, officials with the sheriff’s office and Calera Police Department said Sunday was the first they had heard of any aggressive behavior by the animal.

“The report will be that in the past the animal has shown aggression to pedestrians and may have bit a child, however yesterday there were no issues and this was not the case,” he said.

Nabors said he did not have immediate access to the incident report and did not know the name of the suspect in the case. He added that he was told a 9 mm pistol was used in the shooting, but he could not confirm this.

Nabors said the suspect claimed to have made calls about the aggressive animal in the past, but officially the sheriff’s office has received no reports.

Jesse Miller said he was returning home from work when he discovered Akuma, the family’s seven-year-old bullmastiff, laying down in the enclosed porch at the front of the home. However, as he approached, he noticed the dog was not moving.

“She was just laying on the porch and there was blood everywhere,” Morgen Miller, Jesse Miller’s sister, said Monday afternoon.

Jesse Miller said Akuma would sometimes get out of a fenced area behind the home, but she would always go to the front porch and wait for the family to come home. After the dog entered the porch, a heavy gate would close behind her, leaving her fenced in and unable to escape from the porch.

Beyond the shooting itself, Miller said the bullet was found about an inch from the front door. He said the metal siding on the front of the home likely prevented it from entering the home.

Miller said he has had issues with the neighbor in the past regarding the dog. The neighbor previously claimed Akuma had bitten her son, however, there were no marks following the initial incident, he said.

Miller said Akuma had never shown any aggression in the past and craved attention from people. He described Akuma and her twin brother as members of the family and he would often celebrate their birthday with a party.

“If you’d come over, she would love all over you, slobber on you,” he said. “She was that kind of dog.”