While Hurricane Harvey is expected to dump a torrent of water on the Texas gulf coast region, Grayson County only has a 20 percent chance of seeing further showers throughout the weekend. But Grayson County Emergency Management Coordinator Sarah Somers said the area’s flooding concerns are not over.

“We continue to monitor storms on our horizon — particularly any with heavy loads of rain to dump on our already saturated Grayson County,” Somers said via text message.” We hope everyone doesn’t get ‘warning fatigue’ and becomes complacent about driving into flooded roadways. We may not be expecting a hurricane in North Texas but flooding here in Texoma can be deadly, too.”

The area has seen multiple days of precipitation this week that have caused road closures and put the area under flooding advisories. In addition to the 20 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms Saturday and Sunday, the National Weather Service also forecasts winds between 5 mph and 10 mph both days.

With winds expected to be above 111 mph in the gulf coast region, Grayson County could also see evacuees from the southern portion of the state and Louisiana.

“We have different plans in place,” Somers said of county preparations. “Depending on the actual impact areas of the hurricane, it might be best to open a respite/rest/information center for motorists traveling further north. The State of Texas has flexible plans for Texans seeking shelter. After many lessons learned from past events, there are some specific host jurisdictions and specific plans for those needing medical care.”

The county emergency management coordinator said Friday there are no plans to host evacuees through official shelters.

“Grayson County would be quite a distance to travel — not just to us, but back for recovery activities,” Somers said. “But, of course, as with any disaster, we remain flexible and stand ready to serve our fellow Texans in the best way we can, including opening up beds if necessary.”

Somers said her department sent word Friday to Texas Division of Emergency Management Chief Nim Kidd that Grayson County will help in any way he and Texas need, “particularly in the long days to come.”

After the weekend, NWS is forecasting mostly sunny skies through Wednesday afternoon, with the next chance of showers locally coming Wednesday night.