One week after approving plans for restoration work on the Grayson County Courthouse, the county commissioners awarded contracts for roof work on the Grayson County Justice Center and Hangar 501 at North Texas Regional Airport — Perrin Field.

The work at the Justice Center will see an entirely new roof installed, while Hangar 501 will have its roof repaired.

“My understanding is this is the original roof — it has never been replaced,” County Judge Bill Magers said of the Justice Center. “This is the first time we’re going to tear it down and replace it.”

County Purchasing Agent Jeff Schneider said he believes the roof has been in use for more than 30 years.

“When I first came to work here, we were having warranty work done on it where they were looking at the roof and testing it for water infiltration and taking parts out and replacing it,” Schneider said. “So it’s been kind of a patchwork since then. But we have got the good out of it and recommend replacing it with another built up roof. This is in accordance with what our facilities manager wants.”

The county received five bids for the work, but awarded the contract to Crawford Roofing out of Fort Worth because of its $198,603 bid.

“This is right at our budget,” Schneider said to the commissioners. “Our budget was $200,000 for this, so we’re right on spot.”

Schneider also told the commissioners the roof replacement will come with a 20 year warranty from the manufacturer.

“I’ll just tell you, it’s needed,” Magers said of the work after mention of the buckets needed throughout areas of the Justice Center when it rains. “Frankly, it’s embarrassing to walk through some of those hallways and see that, so it’s time to do this.”

The county received seven bids for the roof repair work on Hangar 501, but commissioners awarded the contract to Smart Seal Foam Installation out of Grandbury for its low bid price of $65,483.

“This is a new vendor for the county,” Schneider said. “I have checked their references. They have checked out very good from the reference point and to give further comfort, this is going to be a 20-year, no dollar limit warranty supported by the manufacturer itself.”

Schneider explained the manufacturer of the roofing system will come out and inspect the job as it progresses and then issue a 20 year warranty to the county at the work’s completion.

“Both of these projects were part of our capital improvement program that we put in place in this year’s budget,” Magers said of the two roof projects. “Rather than building new buildings, we’re maintaining the ones we have.”