Editor's note: This article has been updated throughout.

The Sherman Police Department announced the arrests of two people Wednesday in connection with the death of a Sherman hotel clerk earlier this month.

In an email statement released Wednesday afternoon, the department said Sherman officers arrested Karalyn Marie Cross, 19, and Nikeya Marquice Grant, 24, on charges of capital murder. They are accused of killing Brandon Hubert, 32, in the early morning hours of Aug. 11 as he worked the overnight shift as a clerk at the Quality Suites on U.S. Highway 75 in Sherman. The Sherman Police Department previously told the Herald Democrat that Hubert was killed in an apparent robbery at the hotel, but has not said what was taken or how Hubert was killed.

The department also said authorities in Columbia, South Carolina are searching for Reginald “Reggie” Campbell, 24, in connection with the incident at the hotel. Campbell is not wanted for capital murder, but the ATF has issued three federal warrants for him, including robbery, possession of a firearm in the commission of a violent crime and unlawful flight to avoid prosecution.

“We’re pleased with the investigation,” Sherman Police Sgt. D.M. Hampton said. “I know that the family members, they were told and were aware of those arrests prior to us making the release. This may start the healing process for them, not that there is going to be anything that brings their son, their brother back, but it is satisfying that we know that we have in custody at least two of the people involved in it.”

Sherman Police were dispatched to the Quality Suites at shortly after 5 a.m. Aug. 11 after receiving a report that an unresponsive man was found in the hotel. In the following days, the department released few details on the investigation but did circulate photos on social media of a woman who was wanted for questioning in connection with the case. Hampton said the woman in the photo turned out to be Cross.

“In conjunction with tips and leads from the public off the Facebook post, plus good detective work and general, all-around good police work, that led to her identification and it was kind of a domino effect from there,” Hampton said.

The Sherman Police sergeant added that while the department remained tight-lipped on the investigation, that did not mean investigators encountered a lack of evidence or they were focusing their efforts elsewhere.

“I know a lot of times, when the general public, when they hear about it happening, but don’t hear anything more for several days, the assumption might be that there’s nothing being done and that’s the complete the opposite,” Hampton said. “There were many many days, nights and weekends that were put in by investigators from our department and other departments to try to bring this to a conclusion. We’re almost to that point but there’s still a lot more to do.”

Hampton said the department intends to release additional information on the case in the coming days.