The Denison Police Department said multiple charges could be filed in a case of road rage last Friday which ended with the assualt of one person and damage to two vehicles.

Lt. Mike Eppler said the incident began on FM 84 and involved three to four people riding in a sedan and a 77-year-old man driving a flatbed pickup.

“The people in the car said the man in the truck tried to run them off the road and so they wound up pulling into the parking lot of the Valero station on (FM) 120 there by Walmart,” Eppler said.

The Denison Police lieutenant said the conflict that unfolded from that point was then captured by a security camera at the gas station.

“The people in the car, they get out and run up and, though you can’t really see a whole lot of it, but they assault the guy in the truck,” Eppler said. “So he pulls forward in the truck and then backs up and then hits their car and leaves the scene.”

The department posted the video on its Facebook page, but Eppler said he was unable to release a copy of the footage to the Herald Democrat on Wednesday as the case will be handed over to the Grayson County District Attorney’s Office for further determination.

“We’ll go ahead and send the case to the district attorney and have them look at it to see if they want to file charges on anybody,” Eppler said. “They could file on the driver of the car and the driver of the truck, both. It just depends on what the facts are what the DA wants to do. And whoever assaulted this man could certainly be filed on for doing that.”

Eppler said motorists should do their best to steer clear of any road rage incidents and to contact law enforcement if they encounter aggressive or threatening drivers.

“If they see trouble beginning, just don’t engage in it,” Eppler said. “Just get away from the situation. If you have a cell phone call 911. And if you’re being followed, try to make it to the nearest police station.”