Grayson County could see some high water and flooding after the expected rain set to fall Sunday through Tuesday. Some areas could receive as much as six inches of rain, Fort Worth National Weather Service Meteorologist Jason Godwin said.

“Sunday morning it will be mostly cloudy with an increasing chance of thunderstorms going into the evening,” Godwin said. “There is a 40 percent chance of rain Sunday afternoon. We expect temperatures to be in the mid 90s during the day, so the heat index could be in the 100-105 range.”

The chance of rain will increase to 70 percent late Sunday, 80 percent Monday and then back to 70 percent Tuesday, Godwin said.

“We can also expect gusty winds and there is a potential for heavy rain,” he said. “We have had above average rainfall this year so we can expect it to be the same with this storm.”

Godwin said there could be a potential for a flash flood Monday, with some areas receiving three to five inches of rain and up to six inches in outlying areas.

“We do not expect that the flooding will be widespread,” he said. “If someone lives near a creek or river in a low-lying area or an area that is prone to flooding, then be aware that there could be some high water.”

Godwin also said that as these storms pass through the area, people should be aware of wind speeds.

“The wind speeds could be as high as 50 miles per hour,” he said. “That means that they could knock over power lines.”

Because of the amount of damage that could potentially happen, Godwin said, people need to be aware of their surroundings as they are driving.

“People should not attempt to drive through roads that are prone to flooding,” he said. “Find an alternate route.”