The Sherman City Council will hold the second public hearing on the proposed annexation of nearly 20 acres in Kings Ridge on Norwood Street during a special meeting Monday at noon in the council chambers of City Hall, 220 W. Mulberry St.

During the first public hearing, which was held during the council’s July 17 meeting, Norwood Street residents Mark Deans and Stephen Hearrell objected to the annexation. City Manager Robby Hefton said last month that the property owners requested the annexation of the 20 lots on 19.379 acres of land south of U.S. Highway 82 and west of FM 1417.

The petition for annexation shows the 20 lots, which ranging from 1 to 1.6 acres, are all owned by Robert J. Tate and Tate Construction Inc. In a document prepared for the council, city staff noted all property owners in the area have signed the annexation petition.

City Attorney Brandon Shelby explained last month that the special meeting would be needed for the public hearing as state law requires two public hearings be held between 20 days and 40 days before the introduction of the annexation ordinance. The council will hold a final public hearing on the annexation ordinance and consider it for adoption on Aug. 21.

Last month, Hefton said the called special meeting likely “won’t last very long.”