This will be the fourth column on the chronology of Grayson County's history. Many of these events will be memories for longtime residents of Grayson County. One event that we missed in 1920 is the fire in January in the first Denison Hotel at 500 West Main that caused an estimated $400,000 loss,

This brings us up to three years ago. Maybe some day in the near future we can bring the list up through 2017. Thanks to Joan Ball who wrote with me the article in the Grayson County History Book through 1977 and to Mavis Anne Bryant for compiling the remainder of this list through 2014.

Putting this column together has been a learning experience for I have relived some of the events and learned about others that I only had heard about. I know we probably have missed some of the important events that should have been included. If you will point those out to me, I will be sure they are included if we do an addition to the column. Hope readers have been interested in reading some of the top events of this county's history.

Donna Hunt is former editor of The Denison Herald. She lives in Denison and can be contacted at