The Denison Public Library ended its summer reading program with a children’s party in the parking lot of the Denison Public Library Tuesday.

Activity stations were set up with a miniature golf course, bounce house and fingerprinting by the Denison Police Department. Sparky and McGruff the Crime Dog took pictures with children on site. Also on the lot was the Denison Police and Fire Rescue vehicles, a Eisenhower State Park representative and the STEM Scouts van. The party ended with a presentation by Professor Brainius.

“We think it is very important to have family events,” Denison Library Programming Manager Joyce Ullah said. “We like to have events that bring everyone together. This is a fun way to celebrate the children’s accomplishments.”

The Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering also brought its Trailblazer Mobile Science Trailer to the event.

“We want to get kids excited about science, math and engineering,” Trailblazer Facilitator Clifton Wendel said. “We want children to know that this is fun. We want to promote the careers in these areas. There is a good standard of living in the fields of aerodynamics, biotechnology/medicine, energy, space and weather. It takes a lot of studying and a lot of reading.”

Randi Krohn regularly attends the program at the Denison library with her 8-month-old and 3-year-old daughters.

“It is important to have this kind of interaction with other children,” she said. “Children crave that a lot. My daughter learns a lot from other kids and the teacher. My daughter attends the classes here and then comes home and teaches what she learned to my husband and I.”

Juan Blanton said that his children have been participating in the reading program at the library all summer.

“This is the last day and when my children want to start something, I want to make sure that they finish it,” he said. “They loved this. They did not lose interest in this over the summer.”

Blanton said that programs at the library have helped him because the children have people that they can ask questions of when they want to learn more about science and technology.

“My children are just now getting to the grades where they are learning science and that kind of thing,” he said. “They come here and see it and are able to relate the STEM Scouts experiments to the things they are learning in school. She did not realize that she knew about it until she walked into the trailer. It was like giving her a refresher before starting back to school.”

Summer reading prize club winners were also able to pick up their prizes at the children’s party.

The grand prize winners for this summer were adult club winner Kim Brewer, who read 21 books; teen club winner Caleb Vancil, who read 1,000 minutes, challenger’s club winner Julianne Spiegel, who read 2,255 minutes; and birth to 4 year olds club winner Lorelei Stebbins, who read 600 minutes. Other winners include Josh Ulum and Reece Demick, who read 600 minutes, Hannah Fenerty read five books, Majka Sauter read 690 minutes, Jayden Jackson read 805 minutes, Benjamin Porter read 828 minutes, Henry McClure read 655 minutes, Ellie Thorpe read 647 minutes, Crissa Langston read five books, Christopher Gullet read 625 minutes, True Shay read 620 minutes, Catherin Butler read 600 minutes, Vivian Franklin read 640 minutes, Shaylynn Hopkins read 820 minutes, Chloe Swim read 1,907 minutes, Rosalinde Jennings read 600 minutes, Curtis Thomas read 620 minutes and Ashton Cogburn read 840 minutes.