A Denison man was hospitalized Saturday afternoon after he was attacked by at least one dog along a neighborhood street.

Denison Police were called to the intersection of Twining Drive and Vandenburg Drive, near Perrin Learning Center, where they found the man being attacked.

“We got a call that there was an aggressive dog in the area and as officers responded they observed a dog attack a subject that was walking down the road,” Sgt. Holly Jenkins said. “The officers were able to help get the dog off the subject, and victim is now at the hospital for treatment.”

Jenkins said the man received treatment for his injuries at Texoma Medical Center, but she did not have confirmation of the man’s name or age at the time. Patrice Phillips, who witnessed the attack and described herself as the aunt of the victim, identified him as 18-year-old Davonta Keeton. Phillips said Keeton was walking down Vandenburg, toward his uncle’s home, when two dogs left the front yard of a home on Vandenburg and both attacked him.

“They bit him on the hand, the foot and on the leg,” Phillips said. “He just had puncture wounds from the teeth and he skinned his leg up real bad from where he fell on the concrete.”

Phillips said Keeton was “just shaken up real bad” and that he was taken to the hospital by a family member.

Jenkins said the dogs returned to the front yard of their home following the attack, and though the homeowners were not present, she added that the department had received complaints about one of the dogs in the past.

“We’ve responded to calls at this address before,” Jenkins. “This is a dog that’s been deemed a dangerous dog.”

The Denison Police sergeant said the two dogs, which she described as a pit bull and pit bull mix, appeared to have been left inside by the homeowners, but managed to escape at some point during the owners’ absence.

“It looks, to us like, they broke out of the front window,” Jenkins said. “The glass is broken on the front of the house.”

An animal control officer responded to the scene and tranquilized both dogs, before taking them into custody, with police assistance.

Jenkins said she and other responding officers were unable to contact the owners, but she added that the attack would have consequences.

“There will be charges filed,” Jenkins said

Area residents said the dogs have been aggressive toward both pedestrians and vehicles in the past and that they were glad to see both the dogs were taken away.