Children ages 4-12 had the opportunity to learn about America’s national bird Saturday as Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge held its monthly program for children, “Refuge Rocks,” about eagles.

Along with a presentation about eagles, children in the 4-7 age group got to make eagles to take home by tracing their hands on construction paper, while children in the 8-12 age group made them using brown paper bags.

Children in both groups also got to hear interesting facts on the national bird from presenters.

“I knew that Eagles make big nests and they make them year after year after year, but I didn’t realize that eagles are mainly fisher birds,” teacher Ginger Mynatt said. “I did not realize that they lean over the side of their nests to poop. Juveniles do not have the white head. It is four or five years before they get that and before they have babies of their own.”

Kayleigh Monk, 9, said that she really liked learning about eagle nests. The children in her class got to assemble a bird’s nest using sticks and Easter eggs.

“My favorite class at Hagerman was on all different kinds of birds,” she said. “I have a lot of friends that like birds. These classes teach a lot about birds and the wildlife here.”

Jennifer Morton brought her two daughters, Kaitlyn, 11, and Emma, 5, to the event Saturday.

“We saw the Friends of Hagerman booth at Christmas in July,” she said of last weekend’s event in Downtown Sherman. “They were really nice, so we decided to come to this. It’s a free event for the kids and we are always looking for that.”

Kaitlyn said that she cannot wait to come to another program at Hagerman because she likes nature and cannot wait to learn new things.

“Eagles make the biggest bird-built nests in trees out of all the birds in the world,” she said.