A Sherman man was indicted Wednesday on three counts of online solicitation of a minor. Joshua Barrier, 37, was found in the Grayson County Law Library on the second floor of the Grayson County Courthouse back in April by staffers who did not know he had been given permission to be there by the Grayson County Law Librarian.

The indictment is a formal charge and is not an indication of guilt.

The librarian said she had given Barrier permission to be in the library after hours on several occasions because he was working on legal research. While investigating the incident, investigators reviewed a file box and paperwork that he had with him when found in the library after hours. They found a copy of a social security card of another individual and a driver’s license from yet another individual, neither of which were Barrier.

Barrier was arrested when parents of a Whitesboro teen said he had been exchanging inappropriate messages with their child via the computer. Continued investigation, authorities said, led them to believe that Barrier had conducted those conversations with the teen while at the Grayson County Law Library.

The law librarian was later fired from her job over the incident and the Grayson County Law Library has remained closed since the incident. Grayson County commissioners decided to move the library to a new location just across the hall from its current home. The reason for the move, Grayson County Judge Bill Magers said, is space.