A local construction company is planning to build itself a new office.

The Sherman Planning & Zoning Commission’s board of adjustments recently approved a site plan for the work at Lynn Vessels Construction, as well as an exception to allow the replacement of the existing office building on a nonconforming lot at 132 Comfort Way in a single-family agricultural district.

“The office building is probably 30 years old,” Lynn Vessels said to the board. “It’s got a lot of wood rot, and I just want to build a new one.”

Vessels said he’s planning to completely demolish the existing building being used as an office, one that Sherman Director of Development Services Scott Shadden said is “falling down around his employees.” The building was damaged during a recent storm and Vessels is planning to construct a new 54-foot by 40-foot wood frame building with an exterior of hardy board siding. He also plans to improve the parking lot to asphalt.

“Mr. Vessels acquired this through family and through years of business outside the city,” Shadden said. “He’s got several buildings on his property, and the lot from my understanding doesn’t have any street frontage. The office building for his business that’s been there was a portable classroom.”

Shadden explained the exception was requested to allow Vessels to replace that one office building instead of upgrading everything on his lot to city standards.

The board approved the site plan and exception unanimously, though it did so with the condition that the business prohibits parking on the grass.