Sherman Police are warning residents that scammers claiming to be from the city of Sherman and the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office may be targeting the area.

A Sherman woman recently received a recorded message from a caller that appeared to be from the city, police said in a news release. The caller claimed the woman had an outstanding warrant for her arrest, and similar calls have also been reported of people claiming they are from the Sheriff’s Office, the release notes.

“Anybody that’s calling on a prerecorded message, all they’re trying to do is probably get your bank account information or debit or credit number hoping you’ll make a payment over the phone,” Sherman Police Sgt. D.M. Hampton said.

Hampton said the city does not make prerecorded calls concerning warrants. If someone does have an active warrant, the municipal courts will send out letters and pamphlets with the related direct phone number, Hampton said.

The release states that residents, should they receive this call, should not pay for any warrants or fines. It also noted that they do not need to report the call to law enforcement unless they have paid money to the callers.