The Sherman Economic Development Corp. is planning to let real estate professionals know “the future is looking good” in the city.

The SEDCO board of directors recently got a look at the corporation’s next mail campaign to real estate professionals, consultants and site selectors aimed at promoting Sherman. The “mailer,” as SEDCO staff refers to the item, will include a plastic pair of sunglasses on a heavy paper card that has the corporation’s logo, web address and phone number in addition to that slogan. The sunglasses are placed between the letters G and D in the last word of the slogan to serve as the missing O letters.

“We have a list of real estate professionals, consultants and site selectors, and we send a unique mailer to them once a quarter — just to kind of keep Sherman fresh in their mind,” Director of Research & Marketing Ashton Ghaemi said, adding that SEDCO has sent items such as socks and wooden, toy airplanes as previous mailers. “And the next one in the fall we are going to be targeting food manufacturers and we have done a wooden spoon. And I think the card that’s attached, it’s a similar design to this, but it says ‘Sherman is stirring up business.’”

Ghaemi explained the sunglasses and other mailer items are meant to be fun, unique ideas to help the real estate professionals and site selectors remember Sherman.

The side arms of the frames — the parts that go over the wearer’s ears — feature the SEDCO logo on one side and the logo of the Sherman Chamber of Commerce on the other. Ghaemi said SEDCO partnered with the Sherman Chamber to purchase the promotional sunglasses. She said the Chamber plans to use them at its annual golf tournament and new teacher luncheons.

SEDCO is sending out 120 of the card and glasses combos and spent $192 on the promotional items, as each unit cost the corporation $1.60.