Grayson County Sheriff Tom Watt got a few new employees Tuesday. He didn’t have to interview them or write out their job descriptions or figure out how he would pay them. All he had to do was ask county commissioners to allow him to switch the Grayson County Fire Marshal and Assistant Fire Marshall from the Emergency Management office to his office.

“I hold their license, they have to go through our (field training) program, there’s many requirements that they have to uphold as a peace officer, also as a firefighter, but mainly as a peace officer due to their investigative abilities, their authority to make arrests and search warrants, and all of that sort of stuff,” Watt told commissioners.

He said his office has an investigative bureau that specializes in a lot of different crimes and arson is another one that they could add to that list with the addition of the fire marshals.

“It just seems like a good fit,” Watt said.

The budget for the two new staffers will simply follow them, Watt said, from their current department to his office.

Bill Magers, who in addition to being the Grayson County judge is also the county’s chief emergency management officer, said he thinks the change makes good sense.

“It is a much cleaner operational model,” Magers said.

The county first hired a fire marshal and assistant fire marshal in 2012 when the county promoted the fire chief at the North Texas Regional Airport’s fire department to fire marshal. In July of 2015, the county added a deputy fire marshal to the Fire Marshal’s Office.