The Sherman Independent School District will host a number of athletic camps this summer as a way to help students hone their competitive sports skills and get a little exercise while school is out.

The camps, hosted by Sherman ISD Athletic Department coaches and staff, are open to students in grades 2-12 and will be held primarily at Sherman High School. Students may choose from a variety of sports, including volleyball, baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, tennis, cross country and golf. Some camps are offered free of charge, while others require a registration fee. Six-week-long, sport-specific conditioning courses will also be offered for a fee of $50.

“It’s just a great opportunity for the kids to come out, be active and have some fun” Sherman ISD Athletic Coordinator J.D. Martinez said.

With school out until late August, Martinez said the summer sports camps will provide physical fitness opportunities that are vital to students’ overall health and academic performance. The athletic coordinator added that he and other department staff are hoping lots of students in grades 2-6 will enroll in this year’s camps so that the district can drive home the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle at an early age.

“Staying active is key to being a life-long learner,” Martinez said. “It keeps your mind healthy and sharp. I think it’s important for us to instill in our kids a love for athletics and a love for being active.”

Martinez said students will have plenty of access to water and rest, whether they are participating in outdoor or indoor activities, and an athletic trainer will be present to monitor students as they play. He added that students do not have to be part of the district in order to enroll in the camps, they just have to have to be willing to work hard and be good sports.

“We just want them to come in with a great attitude, act right and do right,” Martinez said. “We’re excited for the opportunity to work with them.”

Registration forms and a complete list of camps, costs and dates may be found on the Sherman ISD website. For additional information, call 903-891-6400.