Ball DPF LLC Nature’s Source showed off its new railroad spur to officials with the Sherman Economic Development Corp. Friday.

SEDCO’s board of directors approved a $7,965 incentive agreement with Nature’s Source last year for the planned $159,000 capital investment the company was intended to spend to clean the large storage tanks it had recently purchased and to build the rail spur. Nature’s Source officials said the company has invested $164,000 so far in the tank farm.

SEDCO President John Plotnik and Vice President of Business Retention & Expansion Stacey Jones watched as Nature’s Source employees pumped oil seed extract out of a large railcar parked on the spur behind the company’s facility at 273 East Mulberry St. Friday

“It’s convenient in that we’ve reduced our input cost by 26 percent,” Ball DPF LLC Nature’s Source General Manager Chance Finch said of the rail spur addition. “Our raw oil seed extract is part of our patented technology to process oil seed extract as a plant nutrition. This product, the oil seed technology itself, is comprised in all of our products.”

Nature’s Source manufactures high-efficiency plant food products for horticultural professionals and home gardeners. Finch said the company’s main markets are specialty agriculture, nursery and greenhouse, and retail.

“This is another example of an existing company that Stacey spends time with to find out what their wants, needs and desires are and what impediments that might keep them from growing,” Plotnik said. “In this case, we were able to assist in some grant dollars over a period of time and once again (there’s) a great company that’s expanding within Sherman and increasing more jobs and more investments. We couldn’t be happier.”

Finch said SEDCO’s assistance has been beneficial for the company.

“It was helpful in the sense to justify the expense and the investment,” Finch said of the incentive from SEDCO. “Stacey’s been great. She’s been here with us since the get go. She’s always been very helpful in terms of opportunities and options for us to work together. So it’s been very helpful.”

Finch said the company’s employees got a lesson from Texas Northeastern Railroad on safety and procedures for using the rail spur. Friday’s product unloading was just the second time the company has used the spur, but Finch said they expect to use it at least 10 times a year. The company also plans to use the spur to ship finished product by rail to the West Coast.