The third time might be the charm for a planned Courtyard Marriott north of the Sherman Town Center.

The Sherman Planning & Zoning Commission once again approved the first two steps for a planned Courtyard Marriott hotel to be located at 4344 Loy Lake Road. Tuesday’s approval of a site plan and specific use permit wasn’t the first time plans were started for the hotel. The commission granted variances for the hotel during its May 17, 2011, and Oct. 20, 2015, meetings, but construction never began.

Ashwin Thakkar and Jeremy Stone, who represented owners Sherman Hotels LLC in front of the commission, said they weren’t sure why construction didn’t start following the previous approvals.

“We were not in the mix when it was (approved), back in 2015,” Thakkar said, before offering a guess as to the reason. “Not sure, maybe not enough people to staff it.”

Thakkar said they’re hoping to see construction on the hotel get underway soon and “hopefully” open by next year. Stone said the owners would like to see the hotel open as soon as possible.

“Our next discussion is applying for permits and everything,” Thakkar said. “Once all that is set, then we would be able to establish a timeline on when construction will begin. Once we get a little more started, we’ll probably have a definitive timeline. It will be a good step for the city.”

The current plan for the hotel is for it to be 62 feet tall with five stories, 117 rooms and 119 parking spaces, which are the same specifications presented to the commission in 2015.

“The design for the building, the structure and the layout, location, everything has remained the same,” Thakkar said to the commission. “We have not modified anything from the previous ordinance which was approved. No new additions or anything has been done.”

Thakkar also confirmed for commission member Sean Vanderveer that the plans for the hotel would also correspond with variances granted in 2011 to allow a 28-foot rear setback and 37-foot side setback from residentially zoned property. Thakkar also told the commission the owners are replatting the property into two plats, with the hotel planned for the west side of the lot.

The site plan and specific use permit were approved unanimously, though commission member Eric Elliott was absent from the meeting. The meeting was the first for new members Trish Bridges and David Downtain, and the first as chairman for Clay Mahone.